Sugar Pills for Hypochondriacs

by Gardening Angel

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The 1st album of all original songs, recorded all by my lonesome on 4-track cassette machine: Acoustic & electric guitar (before the faulty coil-splitter was bypassed), Crapio keyboard, broken snare, pots & pans, kalimba, ocarina, lap slide, kazoo, P-bass, junk chimes, train.


released May 15, 2011

Thank-you Jesse Lamon for help in mastering the original tapes to digital format.



all rights reserved


Gardening Angel Spokane, Washington

Solo singer songwriter from Spokane WA plays several instruments and records herself. Seriously.

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Track Name: #32
I'm always asking for something
to be happy with nothing
it's all in your I's
so open your Mine

and god said, "Pay the toll
or you can't go"

you can't ride the bus
and you can't come with us
you'll have to stay here
Track Name: Bodies
Emotionally, I'm about 12 years old
I'm too old for this shit
not maturity-wise, just as far as my general health goes
love you so hard but I'm too soft to let you know

I've got a lucky pussy-foot next to my bottle of pills
and oh, baby, you know that the cure
might be what's making me ill
either it's the little green men
or else my schizophrenia is just acting up again

It's not a seizure, it's my new dance move
and these aren't the DTs, I've just got the blues

Oh, I don't need a doctor, I need a shaman
but there aren't any left because if there were I would be one
Oh and bodies are just clothing for your soul
You know your body's just the clothing for your soul
Track Name: Used Bones
...and she went about her business, sorting the debris
of cotton memories and polyester disappointments...

It's not like you can take it when you go
and packing it around sure takes a toll
back and forth through the thrift store
discount, used bones

...and she brought home all kinds of crap
like broken lamps and depression glass
and she knew all the Latin names of the stars and plants...

And she bartered away her soul, it was too small
traded for a chance to have a chance
and the hope there might be hope, used bones

...and what did she say to me?
The spider's just as scared as you
spider's just as scared as you are

I dreamed that you dreamed that I had a dream about you
Track Name: Thrill
Well, the butterfly flew away
and I ain't had a bite all day
as I'm just fishing for some company
would you leave me out of the war
'cause I don't want to fight anymore
it keeps the piece from coming into view
seems like someone's always in control
telling you where to do and what to go
and it keeps the questions piling up on you
but do you see the rain?bow down and pray
Lord, it's hard, so hard lyin' around the house all day
oh no look what you've done
I'm afraid I'm having fun though I
no, you're not the one I'm singin' two
did you ever feel so bad
the whole world driving you mad
the ones you love you want to kill
I guess we'll pour some wine
and we'll have a really good time
you know it's still a Thrill
Track Name: Skin
So, come, hide in your skin is too tight and it won't let you in to your safe in the cavities grow as the ivories eaten away as you play everyday everyday in the lights going out will you shout will you shout ? while you run from the guns still you know you should be on the other side but you hide in your skin is too tight
Track Name: The Phuknee Wun
I still love you even though you're not here
maybe more than when you were
I don't need you but I'd like to have you near
so you could tell me why you had to go
you never told me why you had to go

It's not like in the movies, not like in the songs
you can smell and you can taste it
and there's no way to hit Pause
the tape is always rolling, maybe when we get to heaven
we'll spend all eternity editing this down
we've got all eternity to cut this out

Lives are made of stories and we're writing one another
I'll be your daughter if you will be my mother
teach me how to play the thing and then give me the blues
kick me out the house, but you paid for all my shoes
tell me to get lost, but let me find my shoes

It's not like in the magazines, not like in this song
the bruises aren't Maybelline, the blood is not ketchup
when you get hurt it hurts and when you die you die
and jokes are deadly serious, they're keeping me alive
these jokes are deadly serious, they're keeping me alive
Track Name: Rx
Went to the doctor to ask what was wrong there
was nothing that I didn't already know
he said "your heart's broken and you should quite smoking"
and then took my money and blood

I love you in the morning, you in the evening
I love you when the sun goes down over there
I love you when I'm happy
when I'm feeling crappy
I love you but I don't care

I started writing my name on this city
so everywhere you go you'd know I was there
I'm meeting new people, they all seem to know you
and I can't take me anywhere

...I love you when I'm laughing and when I'm cat napping
I love you but I don't care

Why's there a hole if there's nothing to fill it?
Before we existed then who drank the beer?
Why do you keep asking me all these questions?
'Cause, honey, you're not even here

...I love you when I'm happy, when I'm feeling sappy
I love you but I don't care

I love you in the morning, you in the evening
I love you when the sun goes down over there
I love you when I'm crying... but I'm lying...
I love you but you don't care
Track Name: Marihuana Waltz
Marijuana and a glass of red wine
can keep your soul from moving time after time after time...

& you try for the lost souls, but try saving your own
as I sit in the window and watch it all crumble
headlights go by in the fog
say you can't go home again but nobody said you'd grow up

& maybe you're cold chill laughs through your bones
maybe someday this whole world of sinners
will come crashing down
and send us all home

& I ate up my hunger, I swallowed a big thirst
it may be conceited or maybe you wash in it's rain
and that's how you know
that you can't go home again but nobody said you'd grow up

& marijuana, a bottle of beer
can't keep your soul from moving
year after year after year
Track Name: 'Yote Song
I'm out of cigarettes, the coffee's almost gone
there's nothing left to keep me here, I must be moving on
spend my inheritance on instrumental things
my friends all laughed when I put on the wings
I'm not sure why it matters but I wanted you to know
that I called it

I see you have been witching
well, when you're through
I'll be looking up for satellites
and laughing at the moon

In the belly of the bridge, written on the cars
picture of a sign says Don't Turn Around
I'll find you in the analog, bits and pieces left
a long long time ago I can't seem to forget
over all this music I can hear the sound
of the wind in the pines and you breaking down

'Yotes yippin', barking at the moon
or there goes another cat
fur in the dirt
bones in the scat
Track Name: Those People
We don't like to talk about those people on the hill
down in the valley where they never pay their bills
there's bottles on the branches and they never cut the grass
the other day one of them waved
what could he mean by that?

I'm not one to pry but I'll tell you what I heard
the neighbor said, the other day
the baby flipped her the bird
none of those kids go to school but two have been in jail
mom carries a shotgun when she goes out to get the mail

We don't like to talk about those people on the hill
some say they practice witchcraft, some say they're popping pills
they're hardly ever wearing shoes
and the women don't wear underwear
that one looks like she's never seen a comb
and none of them cut their hair

But we try not to mind those people on the hill
some say they worship Satan, they sure give me the chills
they used to be so nice, they used to go to Sunday school
now their lights are on all night
and you won't see 'em before noon

There's tie-dye on the clothesline, poppies in the flower beds
at night we hear them raising hell, it's like to wake the dead
they've got traffic coming going there at all hours, day and night
I wonder just what's going on in that house with no porch light

But we don't mind
we don't mind
Track Name: Dust
Hiding in my room, playing with myself
I get so dusty sitting on the shelf

Lonesome in this world, but people they don't help
Most time seems better just spent by myself

I looked for love that had some staying power
Tried out a few that couldn't stand the fire

Would you run with me? Do you think you could keep up?
If I fall behind will you leave me in the dust?

Out in the night they're putting on a show
I'm home watching TV, safe and warm and bored
Track Name: InFlewEnza
I opened the window and in flew Enza...

Last night I slept down by the river
and out on the gravel bar
I saw a bird silhouetted in the twilight
and I wondered where you were

But the trains don't make me think of you anymore
I hear them everywhere I go in this town
's too big when you're not here
but when you are it's much too small

No, you don't need me to fill the holes in your arms
the tighter I squeeze the less you hold on
but I'm stuck in your web and hooked on a line
oh, I just get more tangled up the harder I fight

So, if you're wondering or thinking of me
well, I'm still here trying to outrun my feet
it's been a long night but now's a new day
so why am I still here? 'Cause that bird flew away

You kind of look like someone that I used to love
'cause he reminded me of someone that I hadn't met
you're always over the other shoulder
and, honey, it's a pain in the neck

So the trains don't make me think of you anymore
they're going by too fast
and every tie in the rail line one time was the last
Track Name: So Cold
I missed you when you were not around
it seemed like when you were up, I was always down
so I'd run up the stairs and try to catch you
but you were already gone on the elevator
I might as well just have stood my ground

'cause it's all in your eyes
and it's all the time that it's so cold
that it's so cold inside

Today I saw you again, you've still got nothing to say
and you know I won't give in
No, I won't go down that way

They buried your boat under a tree
now your soul's in the leaves
'til they cut you down and chop you up
and haul you off in a pick-up truck...
you'll be fire soon
and you'll heat up the room
yeah, we'll play some cards, drink some beer
y'know who that I wish was here?
At least we're nice and warm
Track Name: The Weather
Through the sunshine and the snow
with me everywhere I go
the other end of my one-sided conversation
I don't care if it hails or thunders
can't break the spell you've got me under
looks like I'm talking to myself

I'm not sure what I'd do if I fell in love with you again
if you answered me out loud...

I saw you way down in the well
will you come and visit me in hell?
I don't need to tell you how to get there
because it's always too hot or too cold
it's too much or it's not enough
it's too fast or too damn slow

I'm not sure what I'd do if I fell in love with you again
don't think I'd stand the fall...

Because I'm still mending myself back together
and writing songs about the weather
and I'm not sure just what I'm decked out for
but take my picture 'cause I'm pretty
a few more years and I might look shitty
so take my picture 'cause I'm pretty now
nothing good can last forever
so you'd better go and get her
easy as she comes, well, easy goes... away
I've learned that hard loving leads to hard living
and nothing's free that you've been given
it takes up lots of space inside your soul
I don't care if it hurricanes
leaves me standing in the rain
it's just the price you pay to see the show

I'm not sure what I'd do
I'd probably write a song or two
but it feels like I'm talking to myself
Track Name: Witnesses
So, here we are again
living in the County of Sin
where we all pretend that we're not a joke
we're comedians
Witnesses, witness this
She's a drama queen
says her life has made her mean
going to kill herself just to raise some hell
When you fall down to the ground
will you call? Will you still make a sound?
Witnesses, witness this
There is no God
only these nail scarred walls
and the harshest place you've been
is the hardest to forget when you're alone
Witnesses, witness this
The harshest place you've been is the hardest to forget
when you're alone
Track Name: The Freaks
Well, we hope you like the show
'cause it's not refundable
we can't give you back your time
if you don't have a good time
if our poems don't rhyme

See the clown who is depressed
we've got drunken acrobats
our fortune teller's got a headache
our tight-rope walker's got a peg-leg
the magician lost his keys
our musicians never could find the key...
the featured act is acting up, again
the sword-swallower has laryngitis
chainsaw juggler still has seven butterfingers
but we can't agree on just who's the ringleader

Well, we hope you liked the show
and we hate to see you go
'cause we love to watch the freaks
as you watch us from your seats!